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    February 13, 2016 at 7:02 pm #897

    Hello everyone .

    First sorry for my english.

    I finally decided to take courage to ask for help for you.

    I work with games, and bought spraymag for game site news.
    however from the start I have struggled from the start.


    I would like to take some doubts, because I’m about to give up my project.

    1 – Hot News and Blog.
    I can use the Hot News as recent, and the blog as popular?

    2 – I can use the hot news presenting as posts ?

    3 – how can I remove FEATURED POSTS leaving the wider area ?

    4 – how can I leave the forum in full width ?

    5 – below the menu, I would have just 3 highlights how the gamespot uses. it is possible ?

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